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A Few of the Best Fun Android Apps

Puzzler World 2 - Smartphone and Tablet Optimised

Puzzler World 2, Android app.

If like me you're puzzle mad, you'll be pleased to know that all of your puzzling needs are taken care of with this Android app full to the brim with... puzzles. The strange thing is that Puzzler World 2 seems to be one of identical triplets. It doesn't take a puzzle genius to work out that Pick Me Up Puzzles, Puzzler World 2 and Chat Puzzles are one and the same.


Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper Review - Paid Version

Mystic Halo live wallpaper.

Here at Heavenly Android we have been lucky enough to be given a paid version of Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper by developer ZANTETSUKEN for review purposes. Thanks dev! There's a free version too, but we were keen to get our hands on the premium wallpaper so that we could play with all of the extra features available.


Chant 4chan Browser for Tablets

Chant 4chan Browser Android app.

Chant 4chan Browser is an image board viewer optimised for Android tablets. If you can't get enough of the often shocking world of 4chan and the many offspring it has spurned, seen through the means of absurd/funny/informative/cute/gruesome photos added by mostly 'anonymous' individuals, this is the place for you. Chant 4chan Browser includes 420chan and a channel for almost any other subject you can think of, many of which contain very strong adult material.


Top Five Live Wallpapers for Android Tablets

Galactic Core Live Wallpaper.

So you've got a decent Android tablet? Now you'd like it to look pretty, wouldn't you? What better way to enhance its killer looks than with a kick-ass live wallpaper. There are so many live wallpapers in Google Android Market that Heavenly Android thought it was a wise idea to delve in and help you to narrow your choices. Below is our top five free live wallpapers that are suitably optimised for Android tablets with up to 10.1 inch screens.


Anonymous - Your 4chan Android Browser

Anonymous, image board Android app.

If image boards are your thing you'll definitely have heard of 4chan, the infamous website where anything goes... until it goes too far that is! 4chan arrived in cyberland on October 1st 2003 and was originally a place to post pictures and discuss manga/anime. Since then it's developed a cult following and has diversified to almost any subject matter that you can possibly imagine.


Top Ten Halloween Scarefest Android Apps!

Hellraiser Free (Halloween) android app.

Halloween is almost upon us! We're fun loving creatures here at Heavenly Android, with a tendency to lean towards the dark side of life, a preference for all things weird and wonderful (the weirder the better) and an unhealthy liking for horror films / stories; so we thought we'd share 10 of our favourite spine-tingling or just downright funny horror android apps with you.



VibraSeq, customise your phones vibration.

VibraSeq is a fun android app that allows you to customise your phones vibration pattern. Of course, everybody has a yearning to have completely unique mobile phone vibration, don't they? Okay, not everbody, but nevertheless, with literally millions of combinations, there is bound to be a vibration pattern to suit even the most particular of smartphone owners.



Liveprofile, free android messaging app

LiveProfile is android's answer to BBM (BlackBerry messaging). Almost. Apart from not being quite as pretty, you can enjoy chatting in real-time, see your recipient typing as they reply to your chat, send files, add smileys and much more. LiveProfile cross-platform messenger allows you to chat to all of your smartphone mates, no matter where they are in the world or whether they use iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Multi-task as you chat to multiple friends, switching from chat to chat.

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