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Android Apps that Just Don't Make the Grade

Racing Live... Although You Don't Actually Race Do You?

Racing Live, android app.

Heavenly Android would be delighted if any android users could tell us if we're actually missing the point here? We just don't get it to be frank. Racing Live sounded promising; with 14,900 reviews, an overall score of 4.1 / 5 and visually stunning graphics, we thought that we'd be in for the ride of our lives.


QuintessArt - Virtual Museum

QuintessArt - Virtual Gallery.

Welcome to QuintessArt - Virtual Museum, an art gallery on your android, full to the brim with the greatest artists the world has ever seen; from their masterpieces, galleries displaying their work to biographies detailing interesting facts about their life. If art is a passion of yours, whether you're a budding artist yourself or you simply appreciate great art when you see it, why not take a tour of this free android app?



Zoopla, a free android Estate Agent app.

'Welcome to Zoopla, your virtual android phone Estate Agents, feel free to browse, if you see any property that interests you be sure to let us know.' This would be a cool scenario; a painless method of searching for the house you only dreamt about. In the correct area, with the right amount of bedrooms, and a kitchen large enough to entertain all of your party guests and of course, within the price range you can afford.


Speed Brain by Lumosity


Speed Brain by Lumosity. Speed Brain by Lumosity should in theory be a compelling memory (brain training game). In reality this android offering is very disappointing and the gameplay is negligible. It seems to be a half baked version of their mega popular online game. You have only three choices of gameplay: concentric, shapes and stars, although stars is locked.




Furdiburb is a virtual pet I was looking forward to getting acquainted with. I thought that I would become temporarily immersed in some good old retro fun, taking me back to the golden age of Tamogotchi. I anticipated that I would feel an obligation to nurture my new android alien, and be fraught with guilt if I missed any meal times or bath times. Not the case! In fact, I detest the little critter, and if I were to open the app and find that he had gone to the great app store in the sky, I would be glad that at least something of interest had happened.


a World of Faces


a World of Faces is a voyeuristic attempt at a world record. The aim is to have enough photographs of people submitted (40 million), which would equate if printed to 40,075.16 km long and be enough to wrap around the world. The idea is sweet but the main thing that marks this app down for me is the fact that you are unable to view the pics in slideshow mode. To have to view in random mosaic fashion and painfully click on each photograph in turn to view fully is a little annoying. Other than this I really haven't anything against this app but if slideshow was added it would remove this from my list of Apps that don't make the grade.


Barcode Scanners


Android barcode scanners generally leave me feeling deflated. The principal in itself is nothing short of fantastic. The truth is quite the opposite; the barcode scanning apps that I have tried just aren't quite there yet.


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