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Friday, 26 November 2010 00:00

There are over 200,000 apps available in an ever growing market. Most of these apps are free, or have a free version to try as a taster. My HTC Wildfire is currently still running on 2.1 software, I am patiently waiting for the 2.2 upgrade that has been imminent for quite a while. It has already been rolled out on HTC Desire and should be available before christmas for the Wildfire. The amount of apps available on 2.1 is limited compared to 2.2 but there is still 1000's to choose from and play around with.

Google Android App Market is the default place to search for, find and download / delete your apps. I think there is considerable room for improvement here, the ability to filter is somewhat limited and can get frustrating. For example: If I am searching for an app to organise my tablets / medicines I would expect the Market to be able to search for relevant apps with just a few keywords such as 'Tablet Schedule'. I would like this search to pull in every medicine / tablet organiser for me and not just apps with the words 'Tablet' or 'Schedule'. I think this is a common gripe and maybe it will get decent update at some point. There are alternative 'App Markets', I will detail some of these later, but the only couple I have chosen to try haven't performed as well or better than Google Market. In this section I will be reviewing some of the best free apps available on HTC Wildfire. I will also be reviewing some of the worst apps out there in Android land.

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