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Android Powered Gadgets Announced at CES 2012 - Part 2

Sony Android SmartWatch in various colours.

Part 2 of Heavenly Android's lowdown of Android accessories announced at CES 2012. CES 2012 was crammed with a whole host of Android devices, from phones and tablets to watches and cameras, plus a fair few other Android extras to get excited about!


Android Powered Gadgets Announced at CES 2012

CES 2012 announced Android gadgets galore.

As anticipated, CES 2012 was awash with Android gizmos and gadgetry. The floor was a sea of Android tablets touting Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and quad core processors, not to mention mountains of high spec Android phones. Not only was there news of smartphones and tablets to expect in 2012 however, there was also a whole bunch of other nifty Android devices to look forward to, including smart cameras and smart watches.


SMART-I Android Spy Camera

SMART-I, mini Wi-Fi IP camera.

Have you been searching in vain for the perfect Android spy camera app? Do you fancy being an undercover investigator, tracking down the culprit that steals your clothes from your bedroom and returns them ripped and stained? Maybe you will be away from home and would feel better if you could get a birds eye view of your property, or at least one of the rooms in your home.


Skitterbots - Android Controlled Desk Pets

Skitterbot, Android remote controlled Desk Pet.

Do you fancy a little critter of your very own? An exceptionally cool Android controlled critter? Or have you got an irrational fear of insects, your heart missing a beat as you spy a beetle or spider scuttle past, out of the corner of your eye? Although Skitterbot is not of the eight legged variety, rather six legged, he could still induce arachnophobia.


Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Arrives in the UK Soon

Griffin Beacon universal remote for Android.

A while ago we featured a range of Remote Control Android apps that turn your humble Android phone into a TV remote control. The issue is that they need both a compatible smartphone and TV, leaving most of you high and dry. We also wrote an article concerning RedEye Box, a universal remote control box controlled with your Android phone and an app, that cost a pretty penny, retailing at a whopping £189.90.


e-pen Digital Pen for Android

e-pen Mobile Notes Pro, Android compatible digital pen.

Android phones are becoming as indispensable as your PC, an integral part of your working/social/home life. As more companies are realising the power of Android, more and more useful accessories are becoming available. e-pen is a new Android compatible device to add to a fast growing list.


Winter Warmer Android Accessories

Capacative touchscreen gloves.

Heavenly Android would like you to stay nice and toasty this winter. Even when you're wading through snowdrifts as you walk down the street and you're fingers are turning blue, we know that you wont leave your Android phone alone. Gloves will be discarded as you reply to your SMS and Facebook messages, until your digits are too numb to function and you're in danger of frostbite.


Big Boys Toys Controlled by Android Phone

i-Helicopter Android controlled toy.

As Android catches up with iPhone, and developers realise the gold mine that Android is becoming, more and more accessories and gadgets that were inaccessible to Android just a few short months ago are now within reach. It's certainly about time that Android smartphone/tablet users shared in the fun.


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