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HELO TC Assault - Android Controlled Missile Launching Helicopter

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 06:00

Those of you that can't ever get enough of gadgets will be excited to learn that Griffin Technology have launched a fantastic RC Android controlled helicopter. Griffin Technology are an innovative company that have recently launched Griffin Beacon, an Android universal remote control, in the UK. Although there are a few other Android controlled helicopters out there, HELO TC Assault is sure to be a winner, with a very affordable price tag to seal the deal.

HELO TC Assault, Android controlled helicopter.

It's about time that we have more cool Android accessories and gadgets to choose from when we're after a gift for the man/child in our life. Until recently, unless it was iPhone you were looking at, there was a very poor choice of interesting gizmo's to consider. Therefore, Heavenly Android would like to say a massive thank you to Griffin for realising that there's a hungry Android market just waiting to get their teeth into something a little more exciting than a phone charger.

Griffin HELO TC Assault, an indoor flying missile launching menace that's compatible with both Android and iOS, made its debut earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas. Back in Autumn 2011 its predecessor, HELO TC, arrived, but was missing the missile launcher and Android support. So not only do we get this great Android toy now supported on Android, we also get twice as much fun factor as we got from the original.

As you can see from the photo above, this is a tiny helicopter that's small enough to fit in your hand, and small enough to add an element of surprise, as it sneaks up on your workmates, aiming missiles at them as they work at their desk.

HELO TC Assault missile launching helicopter.

To use, you simply attach the 'Flight Deck' to your Android device via the headphone jack, open the accompanying Android app, and you're ready for action. All actions are controlled using a virtual joystick on your phone/tablet screen, or if you prefer you can tilt your device to steer the helicopter towards the victim whom you wish to assault with missiles.

Missiles can be dispatched two at a time, as this is the number the helicopter holds. Make sure not to lose any because there are only six supplied. There is also an auto-land feature, ensuring a smooth landing every single time and the ability to programme three different 'Flight Plans' which enables you to repeat certain moves.

HELO TC Android app is the one disappointing factor, which seems to be too often the case with most Android gadgets that require an additional app to control them. There appears to be multiple software performance issues with certain handsets, such as HTC Wildfire, so let's hope that this situation is remedied soon!

Release Date and Price

Griffin HELO TC Assault Helicopter should be available any day now in the UK, we will update you as soon as solid facts surface. It will retail for $59.99, around £38 in GBP.

Take a look at Griifin official promotional YouTube video below:

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