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Samsung SmartCam Security - CES 2012

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Saturday, 21 January 2012 06:00

Society is becoming increasingly security conscious, and no wonder, as valuables become even more valuable and commitments take you further away from home for sometimes days at a time. Samsung have taken heed of the changing dynamics of family life, and have announced their SmartCam security solution at CES 2012.

Unlike other indoor security cameras, Samsung aims to take the pain out of setting up this security device whilst maintaining cutting edge technology to ensure unwanted house guests will get their just desserts.

Samsung SmartCam controlled via Android.

Of course, there are other uses besides protecting against intruders; you may wish to keep a watchful eye on your new puppy while you're not at home or you might want to use SmartCam as a baby monitor. There is even a dedicated baby monitor version of Samsung SmartCam.

No matter how you choose to use it, the very fact that anything that happens untoward in your absence, within your home, can be viewed on your Android phone/tablet is quite brilliant.

Unburden yourself from unnecessary stresses with this easy to setup WiFi security camera. The whole process of configuration has been simplified to just a touch of a button, well two actually. By simply locating and pressing the WPS button on both your Samsung device and home router, in less than 1 minute the camera will be added to your network and everything will have synced.

Samsung SmartCam security.

The next step is to register an account with, and then you're crime fighting companion is good to go, with no software installation needed. Also, multiple cameras can be registered. Video records in HD (640 x 480/30 fps). Even in the dark, these tech savvy devices will record video from up to 15 feet away. They will also capture audio via embedded microphone and speakers, and allow you to have a two way conversation with your burglar if you wish to put the fear of God in him/her.

Used with an Android app, SmartCam can be set to record upon detection of motion or sound, and footage is uploaded to a secure YouTube account, with real time push notification to alert you of any untoward events.

Expect to see these nifty security cameras sometime around Q2 with an expected USD price of $149.

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