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Android Powered Gadgets Announced at CES 2012 - Part 2

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Wednesday, 18 January 2012 06:00

Part 2 of Heavenly Android's lowdown of Android accessories announced at CES 2012. CES 2012 was crammed with a whole host of Android devices, from phones and tablets to watches and cameras, plus a fair few other Android extras to get excited about!

Sony Ericsson Android SmartWatch & Smart Wireless Headset Pro

Sony have been busy beavers at CES 2012. Besides announcing their very first Android smartphones since branching out without Ericsson, they have also announced a few Android accessories that they've developed alongside Ericsson dubbed 'Android Extras'. One such Android extra announced at CES is Sony SmartWatch. Sony SmartWatch communicates with your Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

Sony Ericsson SmartWatch is actually a micro Android display, that can be attached to an optional wristband and worn as a watch (wristband and watch come together). Wireless Bluetooth communication with your Android smartphone allows you to accept/decline phonecalls with just a touch of the watch screen.

Sony Android SmartWatch in various colours.

Calls, messages, applications and music can all be accessed wirelessly on the tiny 1.3 inch (128 x 128 pixel) OLED touchscreen. It's useful that Sony SmartWatch is also splash proof, so you needn't hide your watch away when caught in a rain shower. SmartWatch also has an accelerometer, hardware button and vibration. No release date is known although we could see these innovative little Android gadgets as early as Q1 2012.

There will be a range of compatible Android apps/widgets available on Android Market to compliment Sony SmartWatch.

Take a look at Sony SmartWatch video below:


Sony Ericsson Wireless Headset Pro is another of Sony Ericsson's Android Extra devices announced at CES 2012. Compatible with all Sony Ericsson Xperia Android smartphones, this smart wireless headset has premium stereo sound.

Sony Ericsson Android Wireless Headset Pro.

Sony Ericsson Wireless Headset Pro is also an MP3 player, FM radio and an Android remote that displays messages, caller id and music titles sent from your Android smartphone on its tiny display panel. You can even make calls from Headset Pro to recent callers. As with Sony Ericsson SmartWatch, UK release and prices are not yet available.

Sony Xperia SmartTags are winging their way to Android users in 2012... specifically Sony Xperia NFC Android smartphone users. Just like guests at Bill Gates home (lucky things), who enjoy a wholly personalised experience from the moment they step through his lavish front door, from customised lighting and heating through to music, Sony Xperia SmartTags will personalise your smartphone in a similar unique, innovative way.

Sony Xperia Android SmartTags.

Announced at CES 2012, these cute little Android gizmos can be attached to a keyring with your car/house keys, placed anywhere around the house or can even be worn around your neck. SmartTags are designed to compliment Sony's first two NFC enabled Android smartphones that were also announced at CES, namely Sony Xperia S and Sony Xperia Ion.

Each SmartTag can be customised using Sony's LiveWare Manager Android app from your smartphone. This is where the experience begins. Customise each one with settings of your choice for your car, office, home, bedroom etc.

Leave the relevant SmartTag in a convenient place such as a bedside cabinet, simply touch your NFC Xperia phone with your NFC SmartTag and alarm clock will be activated as phone is put into silent mode. Touch the SmartTag that's optimised for your car and activate Bluetooth, GPS and Google Maps Navigation. Arrive at the office and instantly launch your calendar, WiFi, Bluetooth etc. Chilling in the lounge? Launch a set of media apps to set the tone. We can certainly see these little babys catching on.

Your world is Android Utopia with Sony SmartTags.

Sony's official product video below will whet your appetite:


Android Powered Gadgets Announced at CES 2012 Part 1

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