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Nyko Bluetooth PlayPad Unveiled at E3 2012

Nyko PlayPad Android gaming controllers.

Nyko, a peripheral specialist, and Nvidia have collaborated to bring you two new gamepad's, announced at E3 2012, an annual video game conference held in Los Angeles. This will come as exciting news to serious gamers who've branched out into smart devices and recognise that this is indeed a portal to great gaming.


Wet Phone? - Save-A-Phone Will Rescue it!

Android phone down toilet.

If you're not lucky enough to own a waterproof mobile phone, you need to know how to deal with any little accidents concerning the wet stuff that may befall your most treasured possession. You never know when you'll have a klutz moment, at some point it's bound to happen. So you need to know how to avoid electronic suicide via drowning, as without your phone you may as well be without the very air that you breathe.


Keep Your Food Cool this Summer with Android Controlled Fridge

Samsung Android smart fridge.

The whole world seems to be controlled by computer technology in one way or another. As we move from decade to decade there is less and less for us to actually do, as there's a machine that is more than happy to do it for us. Even vacuuming is slowly getting taken out of our hands, with robot hoovers taking the back breaking aspect out of the task. Smart technology is finding its way onto more and more products too, including a fridge controlled by Android!


Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch

Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch.

Pebble E-Paper Watch for Android and iPhone is a new addition to the smart gadget arena that is currently in production. There are numerous other smartwatches already available that are Android based or at least compatible with it, the latest of which is Sony Ericsson SmartWatch. What is particularly interesting however, is the fact that it's pure people power that's backed and provided the funding for Pebble E-Paper watch and allowed it to become a reality.


HELO TC Assault - Android Controlled Missile Launching Helicopter

HELO TC Assault, Android controlled helicopter.

Those of you that can't ever get enough of gadgets will be excited to learn that Griffin Technology have launched a fantastic RC Android controlled helicopter. Griffin Technology are an innovative company that have recently launched Griffin Beacon, an Android universal remote control, in the UK. Although there are a few other Android controlled helicopters out there, HELO TC Assault is sure to be a winner, with a very affordable price tag to seal the deal.


The Worlds Weirdest Android Devices - Part 2

Umeox Appollo solar powered Android phone.

Part 2 of 'The Worlds Weirdest Android Devices' has a few more Android oddities to show you...


The Worlds Weirdest Android Devices

Samsung W899, clamshell dual screen Android phone.

Besides the never-ending conveyor belt of smarter and smarter Android phones that appear with consistent regularity, making it nigh on impossible to own the very latest in Android technology, there's a lesser known group of Android phones and gadgets you probably haven't heard of or even imagined.


IDAPT - A Truly Universal Docking Speaker

IDAPT S1 universal docking speaker.

The days of suffering for Android users are numbered. Until now, unless you were the owner of an Apple product, where accessories are abundant, there were little accessories to consider for your Android smartphone. Thankfully, over the past few months, fun and useful Android gadgets/accessories have begun to emerge into this fast growing market. Universal Android docking speakers however have been hard to source. Philips Fidelio have a range of Android docking speakers, but until now, this was your only option.

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