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Thursday, 21 April 2011 09:00

eBay & Amazon Fee Calculator is a unique, time saving tool; extremely useful when selling your phone. Take the guessing game out of your venture, don't get hit with nasty surprises. No longer do you need to access various tools. Calculate / estimate fees you will accumulate when using Amazon and eBay to sell your phone. An all in one calculator, simply fill in the required fields and press the calculate button to instantly see the exact money you will make, also enabling to you to decide whether to use Amazon or eBay to ensure the most profitable result.


Desired Selling Price indicates the amount you wish to sell your phone for. It is worth considering this realistically, based on current market value and dependent on age / condition and whether your phone is sim free (unlocked). Our eBay Price Watch tool may help as it displays a list of up-to-date eBay phone prices.

Please note: Unless selling your phone using eBay's Buy it Now option, the end result of eBay & Amazon Fee Calculator will only be 100% correct if Desired Selling Price is achieved.

Postage Costs should include all expenses incurred by yourself; packaging, petrol and of course courier charges. It is sensible to send your phone with proof of postage such as tracking (and insurance if the value of your phone merits this). For a few extra pence you will be covered in the unlikely event that your phone is damaged or goes missing in the post.
Boxed Weight is particularly important to know when using Amazon to sell as a small fee is taken according to this. The majority of phones weigh 1.5 kg's boxed; weight is rounded off to the nearest kg i.e: 1.5 kg's becomes 2 kg's. Exact weight should be found on the side of your phones box.
eBay options
Buy it now is the right choice if you have an exact asking price you are not willing to compromise on. If your phone doesn't sell using Buy it Now, you will automatically incur a £0.20 insertion fee. Surprisingly, if your phone does sell, final value fees are usually less using this option.

Please note: eBay Buy it Now insertion fees are a non-refundable section of the final value fee.

Starting Price is a good way to ensure that you don't get less money than you wish to settle for, while also enabling the auction to continue above and beyond this amount. The lower the starting price, the more likely you are to attract bids. eBay auctions require a starting price of at least £0.01; £1.00 or above will incur a non-refundable insertion fee of £0.10.
Reserve Price is similar to a starting price, other than the fact that the amount you choose to reserve your item for is hidden from bidders. If your reserve price is not met you do not have to sell your phone. Non-refundable insertion fees are the same as for Starting Price +  an extra 2% of the reserve price up to £100.


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